I was on my way to the sister isle of Carriacou for a short work trip and I travelled by boat… Guess that means I went overseas.

Along the way a bird caught my attention. It was keeping pace with us as we moved, but what really caught my eye was how it flew. It flapped its wings for some time then extended it and glided. When it did glide (cuz I’m tempted to write glid as the past tenseūüôĄ) I noticed that it had minimal control of its direction. It swerved from its straight line, then dropped close to the sea. At times, splashing on contact with the water. So the gliding phase of its flight process didn’t last very long. It just took place in small spurts.

Lesson time.


Our lives are pretty much the flying process of the bird, both physically and spiritually. We have to flap our wings, i.e., put in the work, before we can glide, i.e., enjoy the success. The thing is, we often get caught up in enjoying the success so much so that we forget that we need to maintain it.

So we read our Bible and pray and get to a point where we know for certain we have a strong connection with God and then what do we do? We rely on that to carry us. We don’t do as much reading or praying or seeking and that’s when we begin to swerve. We make faulty decisions that really we should have avoided or we crumble under temptations because we rely on what we’ve already done to bring us forward.

Can’t work.

That is faulty logic. Is it a wonder that sometimes we drop so low that we make a splash?

giphy (3).gif


We have to continuously put the work in to elevate ourselves along the flight of our lives.

We’ll get tired and that’s okay but we have to remember that the gliding part of it was never meant to sustain us throughout the flight.

Keep working.

           Keep flapping.

                     Keep flying.

giphy (2)


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