Woke up to some serious weather outside on Saturday gone.

Talking rain (which I love) and thunder (which I don’t) and I’m assuming since there was thunder, there was also some lightning (I did pay attention in my geography classes💁🏾).

There are a couple things I can say about it but what really struck me was that when I was hanging out the clothes (laundry in effect … I does this!), I noticed that I could see the sun up there behind the dark clouds.

So lemme set the scene: I’m outside hanging clothes, getting devoured by mosquitoes and sandflies. Thunder is rolling ever so often. The rain is alternating between heavy showers and little drips. Outside is dark, clouds are everywhere, but beyond that, the sun is there; hidden but there.

And that got me thinking (yea I say this in almost every post) the sun never leaves. It’s just that sometimes clouds and rain and all that overshadows its light.


In the same way, I can say two things:

1. As believers, the Son never leaves.

– Christ is always there to give assistance to us. However, there are some situations that require a little rain and thunder for our benefit. The earth needs the precipitation (I dunno if we really need the thunder though but sometimes issa two for one special). We need tough situations to help us grow and, sometimes, those are five for one specials.

giphy (1).gif

2. Our victory is always present.

– We go through situations and we just seem to lose. We get defeated and we want to give up, but we don’t realise that our victory is on the horizon, momentarily overshadowed by whatever it is that we’re facing. So we tryna get that degree yea? It’s there, for the taking, but we gotta wade through the tough assignments and the dreaded group work and that one teacher we wish would get chicken pox for the rest of the semester…

giphy (2).gif

We gotta remember that even though the rain and thunder and lightning come through, the sun never leaves.

Even when it’s nighttime for us, the sun is shining somewhere. 

That should motivate us to keep going, keep striving and keep working.


*All gifs taken from Featured image taken from Google.


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