Why is it we find it so easy to cling to the negative feelings, and, more specifically, anger?

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Something happens that ticks us off and we’re angry. It’s understandable and natural. But after the initial wave of anger passes, we go back to it and get angry all over again. Then we recount to situation to friends and family and we get angry all over again. And, maybe, we have to make a report about it and … Well, we see a trend here yes?

We’re like this supermarket close to where I live, that recently caught fire. The fire began in the late hours of Wednesday night and burned into the early hours of Thursday morning. Yet, days later, the building is still emitting smoke, which leads me to believe that something is still burning.

We gotta watch ourselves and be mindful that we don’t let situations smoulder in our lives. It would be easy to keep giving in to the strangely satisfying feelings that being angry offers to us. We start to lament about how we were wronged and maybe try to even plot revenge! *Gasp* But we have to choose the high road.


It is better for our health and for anyone around us, if we let it go *à la Elsa from Frozen* and choose to be happy. It’s important that we choose to let those situations go. It will be a difficult choice, but doing the right thing sometimes requires us to make the difficult choices. Just like the inhalation of smoke is harmful to us, so too is the continuous stirring up of anger.

Be angry, and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath.

Ephesians 4:26

When you stop smouldering, you’ll start smiling.



*Gifs taken from Giphy. Featured image taken from Google.


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  1. Here we go again…. you’re just speaking to me here lol When things anger me, I find it helpful not to speak about it, instead I try (key word here) to pray about it or atleast write it down. It can be really hard according to the nature of the situation but try we must. ☺

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