God’s Got Ya!

Listen y’all…

The devil will not let you flourish without a fight!

If you think of yourself as a plant, best believe he’s going to put some weeds around you. He tries his best to block your blessings, your growth, your testimony and your faith. Now, it’s not always going to be something monumental, where you can clearly see his intention… Oh no. Remember he was a snake in the garden, and although he can change his form, his personality remains the same. Sometimes he uses little things to frustrate us so that he throws us off our game. If we can’t focus on God and what we’re supposed to be doing or what He’s doing for us because we’re busy grumbling about petty grievances; then guess what, we’re not going to progress in the way that we’re supposed to.

Lemme drop a lil wisdom I’ve recently learnt:

The devil is gonna try his best to throw you off… And then he’s going to try his best to throw your entire support system off. You got problems, cool; you know you could hit up that friend or family member for support or counselling… But oop! Hold up! Said friend or family member is also going through it… Who’s helping who now?

giphy (2).gif

But you know what, we serve a God who is above EVERYTHING! He’s omniscient and omnipotent. He’s ALWAYS got a plan.

For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

You know what that means? Simply that whatever situation the devil throws at you is going to work out for your good. It’s going to become a TESTIMONY. Lemme get cheesy and say it like this: Your TESTS become your TESTIMONY because they are a TESTAMENT to God’s continued love and grace.

Lemme testify and make it real for y’all.

I know God has called me to help others and support them. In order to do so, I have to be close to Him and trust Him yea… All my focus has got to be on Him at all times. This morning, I jump into my car to head to work, turn the key and I hear …

giphy (3)

Nothing happens. I try again. Same result. I’m there trying to start this car for a good 15 minutes but nada. Now, I know the starter gives problems one time but after just assisting someone through something MERE MINUTES BEFORE, my car doesn’t wanna start? C’mon now, I know what this is… And I wasn’t fazed.

giphy (4)I call my dad and told him about it. Then I called my Heavenly Father and told Him about it. After I prayed, I turned that key and the car started… As I knew it would.

Lemme tell you that God is concerned about every aspect of our lives. If we’re trusting in Him, He rewards our faith. Don’t let the situations you face rock your foundation.

God’s got ya!



*All images and gifs taken from google.


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  1. What a wonderful reminder that God’s love and concern for us is for EVERYTHING and not SOMETHINGS! Thanks for sharing

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