The Bigger Person

As believers of Christ, we are always called upon to be the bigger person.

This phrase would usually conjure up ideas of apologies and forgiveness, which is true. However, it also applies to putting others before ourselves; i.e., being selfless.

We must always remember that our main purpose is to win souls and be a proper testimony to God. Situations sometimes creep up on us wherein something happens and our first instinct is to pull away in self preservation. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes, God uses these situations to teach us to be more like Him. He is selfless and long-suffering, choosing to love us in spite of the numerous times we offend Him, hurt Him or just fail in general. That’s exactly how we are called to be.

It’s human nature to put our needs and wants before others but as followers of Christ we have to do the opposite. It’s part of being the bigger person.


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