Attention! Attention!

So we all know of people who can’t help but try to steal the spotlight in one way or another. We see them and all we could think of is:

giphy (1)

You know them. The can’t help but try to be the centre of everything; it’s like they crave attention or are addicted to it. You see the signs: butting in when others are talking, speaking really loud so that people MUST listen; controlling any conversation that they are apart of; distracting others from their main focus.

We never really understand what drives their behaviour but the rest of us are left to deal with the repercussions of it. And beyond childish, this behaviour is rather annoying… And by rather I mean HIGHLY… And by HIGHLY I mean DISGUSTINGLY annoying. Sometimes all you can do is extricate yourself from the situation for peace sake.

So how does one deal with an attention hoarder seeker?

giphy (2)

Well, if you’re anything like me you’d be so turned off that you’d ignore their very existence… Matter of fact, you’d take pains to avoid them at all costs; and that’s not necessarily the right way… Okay, lemme just come out and say it: That ain’t the right way AT ALL. So as far as I can see there are two options:

You caaaannnn, if possible, find one of the perpetrator’s friends (someone who’s tolerant enough to discover what lays underneath all the attention seeking greed) and have them relay your sentiments. (Yes I said perpetrator because this kind of behaviour should be CRIMINAL!) Or you can face the person head on… The latter suggestion is tricky because it demands a certain kind of finesse that is never on hand when we need it.

But it’s definitely best to handle it instead of sitting there wondering how so much stupid could be confined to just one human…

Oye! Did I say that?

My bad…

So handle it tactfully

And if you have a problem with, you know,…

giphy (3)

grabbing the spotlight…

You might wanna work on that too yea…


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