Comparison Kills Contrast

Sometimes we find ourselves in a comparison with someone else… not always consciously. We admire them for what they do and then we think, I could do it too. And while that is a fact, there is nothing wrong with appreciating them for what they can accomplish. The problems start when we figure that either they or we, can do it better.

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Anything YOU can do I can do BETTER!!

Does that sound familiar?

We get so caught up in comparisons that we fail to see the beauty that is staring us right in the face; and sometimes, those comparisons are spurned by a teenie weenie bit of jealousy *pause for sharp intake of breath*. Yep. We don’t even recognise it but the comparisons stem from a longing to be just like the other person. The thing is,  the very fabric of the world is held together by differences: differences of opinions, talents, skills, etc. It becomes frayed when we are unable to coexist with these differences. We must never be threatened by what other people can produce, even if it is along the lines of what we do.

Instead we should use it as motivation to be the greatest version of ourselves. We shouldn’t compete with anyone but ourselves. And if someone is at level 5 while you’re at level 2 then strive to reach five… FOR YOU, not to be better than or equal to anyone else, but to be better than who you were before.

As such, I’m highlighting one of my friends who is one of my GREATEST inspirations in life, writing and blogging. He’s talented and I’m hugely proud of him. Mr Jonathan James (whom I’ve known since diapers!) is a multi-talented singer, writer, blogger with a knack at developing the talent in others. It’s a pleasure to watch him grow. You can see his work on his personal blog or check out thejccollective page to see him in action otherwise.

We all admire someone and even if no one tells us, we are all admired by someone else. Let’s try and appreciate people for who they are and what they do.

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  1. Well said, and freakishly timely too because I was just thinking along the lines of how differences make people so bitter today. ❤

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