Think It Over… Or Not

You know… The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So we should use it right?

But where’s the manual for this thing? Who gives directions? Cuz I mean, the implications of the misuse of this is hyuge (à la Donald Trump).

Now I’m not talking about using it to design weapons of mass destruction or killing people or undermining others (which are all terrible things that should NEVER be done). I’m talking about something that everyone is guilty of on a regular basis…


The mind is such a fickle thing. It punishes you when you don’t use it enough and it punishes you when you use it too much… But it never gives you the recommended daily allowance.

Is there an app for that? Asking for a friend.

Overthinking seems to always bring you to a negative place. I’ve never once overthought (is that even a word tho🤔) and had positive results. Never.

And more often than not, thinking too much affects other areas. So you find yourself in a stink mood… STINK! Like foul. If I had to describe it I’d use my mother’s phrase: the essence of odidoscious. 

I mean when your thoughts can lead to the putrefaction of your mood, something is definitely not right.

And of course, your mood spills over on those unfortunate enough to be around you in that timeframe.  *Moment of silence for them.*  And it’s a struggle not to succumb to that mood totally and just go deeper into the overthoughtification of life. (Copyright pending for that word eh.)

Sometimes you don’t intend to do it but you’re captured by it and then you have to fight your way out of it. We gotta be vigilant and diligent in fighting this (sound the battle cry!!). 

Some thoughts are like weeds and should never be allowed to grow. 


Protect your mind. Stop overthinking it.


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