But that’s not how you spell the word! 

Oh… But it is.

See that e that I inserted shows exactly what happens to some of us… We get tied in to titles so much so that we forget who we really are or where we came from and maybe even where we’re going.

Tell me, are you tied up?

Most people don’t even realise just how badly they’re attached to titles. Titles represent status; a differentiation between people. It’s prestigious…or not, but it definitely sets people apart. So when a Ms becomes a Mrs… You might not even be able to talk to her anymore. She steady walking around with that “New ring. Who dis?” mentality. And we’re left to wonder where did the woman I used to hang out with go? 

And of course, can’t ignore those people who become somebody. (C’mon somebody, do you hear what I’m saying?) That’s those never see, come see people as we’d say in Grenada. Those who never thought they’d ascend to the heights they’ve achieved. Steady walking round with that “New office. Who dis?” mentality. Now, it doesn’t have to be the highest position but let them just get to scrape the lowest echelon of being a manager… They’ll make sure everyone knows it and never forgets it. And all of a sudden, certain things are beneath them… They can’t do it anymore… Things not related to the job even. So they used to help you clean out on a Saturday but they just stop showing up. Uh uh. You can’t expect me to continue with that… I’m a manager now. Or you gotta liaise with them to organise something and call them directly… What?! You better know to set up an appointment to have your people call their people. (Even if their people only exist in their imagination.)

For these people, their titles assign value to them. They now know who they are because of it; which is sad because you should be you in spite of whatever title you hold. So I could grab a broom and sweep a room (Hey that rhymed!) even if I were prime minister. 

Titles should never define you or your personality. You should never walk around with the “New__________. Who dis?” attitude… Unless of course you really got a new phone and have no idea who you’re talking to… That I can get behind.

People need to know who they are even when they have nothing or so it seems. 

Titles are but names and if the name you were born with doesn’t already bequeath unto you a value, you will be tied up, tied in and tied down by TIE-tles.

*All images taken from Google.


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