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There's always that one person who needs to be the centre of it all...



If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have power over the elements, you've come to the right place. The jccollective takes you on a journey to show you the struggles and victories of nine young men and women who have been GRANTED specific powers. How would they handle the responsibility? Written by four... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the mind and the pen work hand in hand to produce beauty... Other times there's a disconnect and the product is faulty. Or maybe not. Maybe the problem is being honest enough with yourself to open up and express exactly what you're feeling. But if you lie to yourself, it hampers that. You can't... Continue Reading →

Hearts don't belong on sleeves or collars or anywhere but behind the cage in which they are hidden. k.j.

Think It Over… Or Not

You know... The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So we should use it right? But where's the manual for this thing? Who gives directions? Cuz I mean, the implications of the misuse of this is hyuge (à la Donald Trump). Now I'm not talking about using it to design weapons of mass destruction... Continue Reading →


But that's not how you spell the word!  Oh... But it is. See that e that I inserted shows exactly what happens to some of us... We get tied in to titles so much so that we forget who we really are or where we came from and maybe even where we're going. Tell me, are... Continue Reading →

20 people can look at 1 picture and see 20 different things. Lesson being: don't let anyone's perception of you alter your perception of yourself. k.j.

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