Every now and then I amaze myself and say something with a considerable amount of depth. Latest one being:  The ability to laugh at one's self is one of the greatest best kept secrets of success. k.j. Life happens. It doesn't come with instructions, guides, manuals, directions... They've not yet developed an app for that.... Continue Reading →



Another poem that came from my friend who never tires of supplying prompts when I ask. Enjoy! She said that I was ungrateful  That I didn't appreciate her efforts Screaming that Her efforts were in vain Never mind the fact that All her efforts in me… We're actually to alleviate her pain  Never mind that... Continue Reading →

Wants vs Needs

God knows exactly what we want... And exactly what we need. Sometimes the two are one and the same. Other times, they're not. And God always gives us what we need. A lot of times it's not what we think it is. A lot of times it happens when we're not looking, but it happens... Continue Reading →

Givers and Takers 

I think I may have written something along these lines before but it's something that resonates with me in the deepest recesses of who I am. The world is made up of givers and takers. And like the old adage says, opposites attract. So takers are drawn to givers... Which makes sense in the grand... Continue Reading →


Driving up to do a school visit yesterday and saw some fishermen pulling in their net while there were birds swarming above. Reminded me of how life is. There are people who only circle around when you're about to pull your in your net. When the blessings coming down. When you're at the happiest points.... Continue Reading →


Oftentimes we place so much emphasis on what we look like, both males and females, and forget to work on who we are. So we got pretty, vapid ladies and handsome, shallow gentlemen. And we find ourselves complaining about how little intrinsic values people possess. It's how the world is running these days. If you... Continue Reading →

You know, leadership isnt all it seems to be. People only see when you're in the spotlight but they never really see how much you do otherwise. They never really understand how hard it is for you when you see people who never know when to pick up the initiative. And for you it's automatic...... Continue Reading →


Life is all about timing; good or bad. We've got to learn not to force things to happen when we want them to, just because we think they should be happening at that time. Many times we don't let life play out on its own. We like to ease it along or push it along... Continue Reading →

Alone Time

Engentado - (n) the feeling of wanted to be away from people and spend time alone. (Mexican Spanish) This is a necessity. People place demands on you, physically, mentally and otherwise. Sometimes you just need to recharge. Never feel ashamed of needing that time to yourself.

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