It has occurred to me that the devil doesn’t desire relationship with humans. He seeks to own humans, control humans.

Much like an abuser, he boxes us in, corners us, alienates us from all that is good… Then he beats up on us, attacking us in all ways. He torments us with our thoughts and past actions. He fills us with self-doubt to cripple our self esteem. He taunts us and mocks us but then tells us to be quiet because no one will hear us. He instills fear… And he does it all from within.

So anger and depression and hate and doubt are the norm. A norm that we know, deep down is wrong, but which we accept anyway… And somehow in the twisted lanes of our minds, we become our own worst enemy.

And if we cannot trust our own minds and consciences; if we cannot trust our own thoughts and actions; if we cannot trust our own selves, then who do we trust?

And this is when we crumple further accepting the lie that we will never be better than this, we will never amount to anything more than this, this chaos and destitution is all that we deserve.

Enter Jesus. The One who comes in with a love so tender and enduring that it is at first foreign, suspicious but so pure. Enter His patience. Enter His long-suffering. Enter His peace.

His arms are strong enough to carry all the baggage from that relationship where we were stripped of our voice and our will and ourselves. And He loves us and makes us blossom and grow.

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard, especially one crafted by the master manipulator. But the Master has given us a way out if we just call to Him.

What are waiting for?



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