In order to get, we must give. We must give selflessly. We must give without the expectation of getting. Our reason for giving must be pure. Yet, oftentimes, we focus on us instead of who we're giving to. We make ourselves feel good with the fact that we've done something to make others, well, ourselves... Continue Reading →


What’s the Rush?

Why are people in such a hurry to get things, to do things, to have certain experiences? Why do we treat time lime anything other than an asset? We just run straight through life with hardly any brakes at all. And in doing so, we miss it. Miss the tiny things that really stitch the... Continue Reading →


It has occurred to me that the devil doesn't desire relationship with humans. He seeks to own humans, control humans. Much like an abuser, he boxes us in, corners us, alienates us from all that is good... Then he beats up on us, attacking us in all ways. He torments us with our thoughts and... Continue Reading →

Good Friday

It's Good Friday. Holiday. Day to reminisce  about what Christ did to bring us redemption and freedom. Being nailed to a cross is a lot. More than likely it's more than we would do for someone else. Even if we loved them with all our heart, soul and strength. It's a day to reflect on... Continue Reading →

This Pretty Girl

So I took a hiatus (oops!). I did actively write during this very silent time and shared my views in person (maybe even too much). So much to say and to relate now but I'll start it off with a piece I did which chronicles the story of nutmeg's arrival in Grenada. Being that I... Continue Reading →

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