It's important to follow dreams.They shape the world and continue to pave the way for technological enhancements and the like.But so often, dreams are personal and cannot be embraced by others who do not share the vision. It really shouldn't matter anyway, if anyone shares the vision or not. It's your dream; your vision and... Continue Reading →



Oops! It's been a while since I've posted... some might even call it neglect. I shudder at the thought Of leaving something undone unfulfilled Somehow procrastination turned into full blown distraction And now the blame game has started Who has to shoulder the guilt? Tsk. Better must be done. Especially because bad can't be undone.... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

Look at life. Look at how we have absolutely no control over it. We don't determine when or how it starts; neither when or how it finishes.The human race is obsessed with power. We have, of course, realised that we are weak and somewhat fickle, but that does not kill the dream of being powerful. We... Continue Reading →

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