Living With Allergies

“Yuh should live in yuh own bubble oui.”

My friend says this to me every time I tell her about an allergy and I laugh every time she says it. Methinks I should take her advice. My life would be MUCH easier if I did live in a bubble. Of course I’d look strange but I’ll probably not have as many problems as I do now. As it stands, my allergy list is bordering on innumerable. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. My allergies don’t send a warning out, they just pop up after I use something. Thankfully most of the time they just show up on my skin as a rash. I haven’t discovered any life threatening stuff yet… well aside from penicillin that is.

And I survive. And I live. And I have fun.

As soon as I start to list allergies for people though, they sort of look at me with pity and ask me how I’ve made it through life all these years. LOL. I mean, yea there are certain things that I can’t eat or drink at all and some that I have to use in moderation but it’s not that bad. I think it crushes them that I have a lactose allergy. So milk and chocolate and cheese in moderation. They practically swoon at that thought, and then they proceed to eat chocolate in front of me. (Such concern right?)

Nevertheless, I’ve learned how to operate with my allergies. My menu remains largely unvaried because if I don’t know how it’s prepared or what’s been done, I don’t eat it. It keeps me from getting fat too. (They do envy my figure so I guess we’re even.)

So sensitive skin and stomach don’t keep me from the real world. But all the same, maybe I should invest in a personal bubble…


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