Proceed With Caution

want sumn so bad even if consequences are already laid out in fact walkin past the consequences to get there then, feeling doubt uncertainty forward, back stay.   but is it what i really want and am i backing away becuz i'm afraid? afraid of what? shud i let it slip thru my fingers is... Continue Reading →


Secret Smiles

I think that we, as a species, have not cultivated the habit of paying compliments to others.Many times we do what we do, operate on a daily basis, without thinking about how we effect others. Of course, if the effect is negative, the feedback will be practically instantaneous. But in an opposite situation, hardly anyone... Continue Reading →

Imagine Us

imagine us in a worldwith no deceptiondouble entendreshidden meaningsfree to say all we wantexpress freely our feelings imagine us in a worldwhere language and colourwere neither barriersnor threatsfree to be who we wantlive as all equals imagine us in a worldwhere there was no hatejealousy, fearenvyfree to have all we wantachieve without opposition imagine us in a worldwith... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I don't get time to post but every day that goes by finds me with thoughts and ideas and jottings that I'd like to throw up on here. They accumulate. Sometimes they disappear under new information and sometimes they fade away for a while only to pop back up. The one thing that really... Continue Reading →

The rain is falling and the sun is shining. Although they're seen as opposites they're coexisting right now; each doing what it is they do best. And we're reaping the benefits of a warm rain shower and a cloudy sunny day. If only every day could be as harmonious and everything could mirror the peaceful... Continue Reading →

Living With Allergies

"Yuh should live in yuh own bubble oui."My friend says this to me every time I tell her about an allergy and I laugh every time she says it. Methinks I should take her advice. My life would be MUCH easier if I did live in a bubble. Of course I'd look strange but I'll... Continue Reading →

The Time Has Come

Woke up this morning to an onslaught from my sinusitis. This isn't strange but it lasted longer than usual. I'm still feeling the effects of it all now.Today's the beginning of my students' final speeches. It's going to be three speeches per session so we're concluding next week. I'm anxious to hear them. I've read... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Surroundings

I live for peace - inner and outer. I strive for it. I crave it. I feel that at the beach with a coconut in my hand, slurping the water and exhaling away the problems. It's windy now. The waves are high and crashing. It's not the ideal setting for a search for peace.  And... Continue Reading →


I'm amazed at how people think it's ok to do certain things but when others do it, or a version of it, they condemn it and ridicule it.  It's a 'Do as I say, not as I do' sort of mentality. So many rights they advocate for but trample on the rights of others in... Continue Reading →

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